Who Are YOU???!!!

Who are you??? Sounds like a very easy and simple question right? now attempt to give an answer to it, then by the time you are done reading this post, look at the answer and ask yourself…do you really know who you are.

Recently one smart one asked me who I am and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t define myself beyond my career titles, I couldn’t describe the human being that I am without throwing my job in the in the equation and then it hit me, I live for the job I do and my life revolves around my work, allow me to tell you this, I have never been more terrified of a reality or truth.

One of the most complicated realities of our time is that we are built to and taught to chase earning, to chase careers and titles and our whole lives revolves just around that, you see we are taught to work hard in school so we can make good grades and then get good jobs and good salaries and that’s it!!! BINGO!!! We have made it in life but is this really it? We live in a world where we are defined by our careers and the titles we hold forgetting we are human first before all this worldly gain that we chase so much.

You see I have been in this rat race myself and I have come to learn it’s the most disastrous cycle any human can exist in, quite unfortunate. My whole adult life has been defined by getting a job earn a living, secure the bag and that is the only way out or that’s freedom, the past three weeks have revealed to me the danger of this cycle and the myth that this whole cycle is, a human being cannot and should not live their lives defined by careers, titles and earning because these things come and go and if one has not found the purpose of being and understood what humanity is then you are in real trouble when either of these little things go away because honestly if you are not a person without being a CEO or a Managing Director or staff of PDU then you simple have no purpose in life.

As a human being your purpose in this world goes beyond titles and making money, life should be about making a difference, finding joy, supporting humanity and life and above all serving God – at least this is what I think or I have discovered in the little self-discovery journey that I have taken.

I have given everything I have in life trying to build a career, toiled and struggled, bled and cut myself deep because I believed without a career, without a title and without earnings, I am no one, at 30 I made my way to work for the presidency, you see that is the summit of any 30 year old woman in Africa, it’s the dream career move and its everything most people strive to achieve but is it really all that? Is it everything a human being should live for? I have spent that past two years rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty of this country, walked a platform with the president, received and briefed the president of the country on matters project yet believe me these have been the emptiest and more exhausting days of my life, I have cried in the morning while I dressed to go to work and I have locked myself in the house after work and questioned what is it that I am doing in this world. I am a couple of months shy of being 32 and its hitting me hard that other than the titles I have accumulated on my career path, I do not know who I am…quite sad but just truth.

So now I am on a painful but worthy Journey, trying to find my purpose and while at it in the midst of all this angst, I am also suffering from what is a fundamental misconceptions about purpose — neatly encapsulated by the question “How do I find my purpose?” I have no answer to this but one day I will and I will share it here, for now all I know is, you don’t find purpose, you build it.
So here I am on a journey to being more than just a director, more than just a communication specialist or an implementation expert, here I am human trying to find me beyond the titles, beyond the earnings and beyond the career I have worked so hard to build.

Wish me Luck and so help me God.

Remember I asked a question in the beginning of this post, now try to answer that.

May we all find life beyond the titles, beyond the career and most of all beyond the earnings we chase so hard.