So lately there has been relationships struggling and falling a apart, I have witnessed quite a number, sometimes just the norms cheating and players playing, sometimes the complex where love  is no more…and sometimes those that are never meant to be, its pain normally on one side of the story and neglect on the other, sad it has to be like that, but then again we are all only human and it’s only natural that each of us would focus on their happiness and what makes them smile.

Either way I have learnt a couple of things among them is relationships are hard in fact they get harder with time, every day is a battle, every day is a struggle and it doesn’t get easier with time. The secret is to find someone who is willing to be weak and strong with you at the same time, someone who is willing to work with you and who will push you and challenge you, making it harder for you to leave. The beauty is in the struggle! You have to go through hell to get to heaven anyways…

 If it’s not happening don’t push it, give it time and if it’s meant to be then it will be and if it’s never meant to be then it will never happen no matter how hard you try, With that said, if your relationship ends let it be, take time calm down, get used to it and move on! No one ever died of being alone, don’t turn back to the past thinking what if and worrying your pretty little heart all the time! Turn your sorrows into joy, life is so much better when you decide to love yourself more than loving a person who is always bringing you down and making you feel unworthy! Some people are not worth fighting for anyways! Cut the bullshit out of your life and everything will be ok…one wise person told me “Realize now that when your heart breaks, you got to fight like hell to make sure your still alive. Because you are. And that pain you feel? That’s life. The confusion and fear? That’s there to remind you, that somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for…” so why waste your whole life struggling with  a failed relationship?

Do not postpone happiness, for it is a life that isnt guaranteed, who knows tomorrow may never come so live today and live fully and if a moment makes u happy then embrace and take atmost advantage of it.

The rules are simple…it is never worth the pain…so dont try it if it hurts!!!


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