Tale of the Side cake – “The well kept secret”

We always imagine “the other woman” as a seductive temptress but often times, it is the girl next door or the girl in the next cubicle who slowly but surely falls into the web, its just an ordinary girl who allows herself to fall prey into the arms of a wrong hunter.

What I am a bout to raise here? this is the story of the other woman, the woman who chooses to love a man and love his ring but then again much as it happens how true and genuine is this love? before I continue I must say I am not going to judge or commend anyone on this post but I will lay it down clean in my opinion.

One thing women dont really understand is if he really loves you then he will never make you a secret, he would be proud of you and be seen with you regardless if he is married or not, we live in societies where polygamy is accepted so outrightly he has a chance to legalise it and make it official, so why do you agree to be just the little secret he has? how do you allow yourself to believe the lie that he loves you? remember he has a wife and that wife is his first choice and no matter what you will never take her place while you continue to be the little secret.

No offence but if you agree to be a mans little secret that is what you will be  forever be and you have strategicaly taken your place as the other woman, you will be nothing but extra sex and pleasure for him and when the time comes he will drop you and discard you like a bad habit and in the middle of it all you face the shame and embarrsment of the being the “tramp” who was out to break a home oh need I mention the wrath of the wife awaits and remember the man will protect her at all cost.

word is that to cheat maybe human but not to be caught is divine so when you set out to be a mans accomplise in cheating and betraying his wife and family be sure you will be caught and when that day comes you will face the wrath and then again, what goes around comes around…Karma is gladly waiting to bite.

So beware…are you the little secret? the home wrecker? the extra sex? have you taken your place as the side cake? it not hard to say no to this, everytime you reject the little issues like this ones, u set the standard for yourself and label to the world how much you desrve better, so next time that man with a ring on his finger approaches you, tell him clean ” IAM NOT ANYONES LITTLE SECRET”

Be smart my girls….

Love and peace D!


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