Down Memory Lane – “Play that Game”

“Play the Game!” that’s  what my best friend tells me whenever I narrate to her my heartbreaking stories or the tales of love going sour.

I had just moved back home from Dubai(sigh – that was a massive heartbreak on its own – thank God I lived past it), so I met this young man, very young I must say, roughly about my age. So that was that communication, stories one thing led to another and just like a rat on a chase to get some cheese I found myself in a trap.   I am not a type for long distance relationships. Relationships where you get to see has its own fair share of problems talk less of relationship where you communicate by other means other than that which is even more important, PHYSICALLY. There’s nothing that beats physical communication, you see the gestures, the body language, the closeness, you read if the words spoken from the mouth matches the one spoken by the body. Now so much for digressing back to the main gist.

Honestly, I wasn’t interested in the beginning because of all the reasons I just gave above  and other best not laid down here so I just wasn’t into it but as we progressed and got closer and the calls longer and the texts like every minute, Cities apart  didn’t seem so far anymore, there were no boundaries, they just disappeared into space and as the bond grew, we made plans for the now and the future.

My doubts flew away and I became trusting,  I could call it love then if you asked me. Where it all went wrong I don’t know but all I remember is where issues were coming up for him with times being hard for him and he needing a new job, me seeking a transfer at work,  issues with the market and all that, moving houses and a lot other stories.

All I can remember was the “I am busy excuse”, “I will call you later” and the calls not coming and then the not picking of my calls for days , no return of text messages and then finally asking one of his friends to check on him to see if he’s okay and being told that he is. Sat for days waiting for that call that never came to pass, promises broken and then those plans we both made! Ah! I wonder how I made it through those days but I did somehow in some unexplainable manner because truth be told, I was broken and all I could remember telling myself was “but you knew this before” and my best friend and his friend says after my full narration “Why didn’t you play the game?” Game??? Which Game? I didn’t know there was a game to be played. He showed me love and I only responded to love. It is only natural I guess. Was there a game been played and I wasn’t aware? Or was i such a dumb player I didn’t know I should have played and kept my heart aside?

I am sorry I don’t know how to play that game. I have failed in that aspect. I am either IN or OUT! When did matters of the heart become a game of scrabble and chess?

(Sigh) Peace and Love D!


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