Of Cheating and the Games – ” I UNDERSTAND”

I’ve heard “Men Cheat. Women Lie. Fair Game.” One deep statement for some strange reason I kind of love it! Every time it’s used in one place or another we get crazy mixed reactions, I wonder why…

Cheating. It’s such an interesting thing. 
Men seem to do it more than women do, I guess that’s why the women seem to like the statement so much. But it is an undeniable fact that women are just as guilty of cheating as men are. The playing field has been leveled out! I think women have actually come up with the sneakiest of ways of cheating that they aren’t caught as often as men are, or maybe that is just ‘cause the men are suspected more than the women are or perhaps women  just happen to be more smart! I always say if you set to cheat make sure you are smart enough not to be caught or else keep off the cheating game.

So why do people cheat?

To find something new? The sex is boring? The chase is fun? There is no sex? Because they can? Temptations? Human Nature?

I don’t know what the reason is, but I understand why a person might cheat. This doesn’t mean I condone the idea ( I DO NOT), but I understand it. I mean people get bored, they get tired of the same thing, or doing the same thing. It usually has to do with sex, usually, but I’ve heard of cases where it’s not even the sex. It’s just getting out of the “routine”.  

All I’m trying to say is pretty much, is cheating is understandable. The wanting-what-you-can’t-have thing is in all humans. So if you’re in some sort of relationship and the other person cheats, try and understand it. I’m not saying smile and have a party, just try and understand, its life, it happens and there are issues deeper than cheatings, so go easy and understand.

I don’t know. I understand it, but I also understand the point of being in a relationship is to fight the urge to get with every person you know you can.  It is, understandably, hard. Some girls are way too fly/too good at teasing for you not to wonder and some boys just spit game all too well.

But if you’re a girl….
….and your boy is cheating with another  girl ..then find a baseball/softball bat and give that dumb ass vegetables for legs. REAL TALK!!

But if you’re a boy….
….and your girl is cheating ….
you know it doesn’t mean anything, let it go. He just wanted to tap that fine ass and she allowed, so get over it and move on.


2 thoughts on “Of Cheating and the Games – ” I UNDERSTAND”

  1. True word!!!intresting topic today.The playing field is levelled nowadays,time to cry because somone cheated are rare,suck it up and move on and if cheating jus dnt get caught.nice gurl loved it!!!!

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