Bless The Hustle – 2012 is the year!

Good people! Whattt its been ages since I been on this page, yea yea excuse a sister, I have become such a busy young life that I rarely get time to write or maybe to complete anything, whoaaaaahhh…excuses, excuses, well I am a queen at that( I am working on killing it)

 Anyways, am here today and I missed you guys, I assume some of you missed me too n even wondered where the hell is she, don’t worry Iam fine, just growing n getting fat by the day, yes blame it on junk food n no time for exercise.

 So I am still appreciating 2012, sounds cliché but then again when the good things pop we can stop being grateful, I am happy, we are happy, we are settled, when this year began I said this is the year I am planning to unleash the Deeda in me that had gone “reserved” since August 2011, well I was down and beat but I am not even going to go to that, its gone and washed!2012 is the year baby (or so everyone says), but it is! A step at a time I feel the difference and the breadth of fresh air, I have found peace and settled, met great new people, well really great new people, we are celebrating soon and making more of those memoirs and happy moments! Sigh this is the thing about life, one minute it drops u down n the next it lifts you up, the trick is learning to embrace it and maintaining a positive focused attitude.

 The angel Shamim is growing, she is adorable and she talks like a parrot well I do not blame her I know where she got that from and she love photos too! Amazing I tell you, she is a bundle of joy and a blessing in her own way.

 I feel different. I feel more confident in my skin, I have stopped the need to please people as I know my worth and most importantly I am grateful for the life I have had and what is in store for me!

Now a days I speak my mind because I have realized no one is waiting to give you a medal for good behavior and if someone has really pissed me off, they will know it and they get what they deserve for it. They call me a bitch these days and I will make sure I make good use of the title, one of my aunties said I am a trailblazer I intend not to let her down for the title!

I said we are celebrating yes we are, and even at work we are celebrating a good move and an upward one for that matter and we are appreciating the hustle, speaking of work I must warn you, logistics and operations isn’t  small man game, its demanding, its hectic, it takes over your life and gets married to you…sigh” sometime I literally feel my job makes me grow into a man! But then again I chose this I love it and I am so enjoying the challenge, it keeps me young alive and is some definitely very good intellectual growth!

 Well my phone is ringing the colonel from KENYA Navy is calling, some shizzle I am handling for them, This young life has to go chase those Benjamins, I promise I will find more time to share with you my world and more outfits coming soon!

Thank you for reading and for being a part of this with me…I appreciate.

Fantabolous week my lovelies…let the rumor mills spill, the haters grumble, the negative forces will arise but remember always keep your head up and chase those dreams!

 Bless D!


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