Football!!Beautiful game, yes I am one of those girls whose love for football is equally burning as my love for shoes and handbags, how do I combine the two? Well I really don’t know but I love watching soccer and I just don’t watch to see the fine ass men run around the pitch (although that adds some flavor) I watch and I understand the game, I know when the off sides are on, when it’s a penalty, a corner and even the bleh bleh like the ball possession and shots on target. Convinced? Yea I thought so…

I am so not good in giving a summary of a game outcome but I got admit last night’s game(UEFA Semis – Catalan vs Blues) was one tense and orgasmic match, yes babe a good football match can send you to that galore of satisfactory outburst…ah ah ah, my fellow blues know what I am talking about! Yea Yea we painted Camp Nou BLUE!! BLV dat!!

I am die Hard Chelsea fan and in all fairness which even the God of football agreed last night, Barca had to lose this one, I mean aren’t we all just tired of seeing them in the finals every time and again, I have mad love for Messi but on Blue ground he stands no chance of love from me.

 We won this game on aggregate 3 – 2, it was a tough one, I must admit at the start I didn’t see Chelsea winning this at all, more to that with Terry sent off  and we were a Ten man Chelsea team,Barcelona is a strong team we all know that and even when we beat them in the first leg of this game last week people termed it “against all odds” yes it was against all odds, considering the Blues played more of defence than entertaining  football…but No matter how beautiful your game, how long your ball possesion, modern football is all about scoring goals and winning matches. we are on to the Grand Finale, we face a strong battle ahead especially if Madrid come through today but babe we have fought a good battle and even if we don’t win that finale, my Blues have done well and I am one proud mama!!

Officially Torres no longer wears a dress and isn’t expensive for nothing after all, it’s been a long time coming but he is proving worthy every million spent. Lord the goal drought on him has been a long one; I bet many of us are just happy it’s over and for the haters Obviously, Torres WAS NOT OFFSIDE because when the ball was cleared, he was still in Chelsea’s own half.

A little hating gon do no Harm, the “CHOSEN” the “GREAT” Messi missed a Penalty…huh!!! Now like I said earlier on even the God of football was on the blue side.

I slept about 4hours and screamed enough my throat is sore, but it was all worthy…now work calls and office needs to be attended to.

Blessed day my people and Cheers to my Blue fans!! See you at the grand Finale the 57th season of the UEFA Champions League  tournament and the 20th since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup,  on the 19 May 2012 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany!! Whatever the outcome I am gonna be right here singing BLUES all the way!

Blue Love D!!


5 thoughts on “BLUE is the COLOUR…

  1. Damn staright it was a tight match, its about Barca sits on the side lines and watches the finals :D. Brilliant game all in all

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