We Pray For Julie….

Ominous Saturday, raining torrents in Nairobi, thunder and lighting and Kenya being a black den KPLC decides to shortchange us and leave us in black outs. I am a confessed blackberry addict, so its only normal that I wake up at 3am to check my BBM messages, I am met with a scary message on aunty jays status “Heavenly lord protect my Julie”…Julie? What happened? Less that 12hours she posted fierce pics of her fine self out in the beaches of Dubai…I want to know, I have to know, Julie is Family…

The next few minutes take me on a silent break, tears roll down my cheeks, Iam suddenly drowned in fear, shock and confusion, Julie has suffered a stroke, How? Why? When? Such a young life…what happened? Can’t be high blood pressure…later on I come to learn she fell down… and now she is in a coma in the I.C.U ward! Left side paralyzed and brain damage, Julie is in danger and critical danger. She needs our prayers and she needs them in plenty.

Endless questions run through my head, I say a silent prayer for Jules, I ask a few friends to pray for her…this has been my dropping line the past two days “SAY A PRAYER FOR JULIE” I have an army of friends whom I have all involved into praying for Julie…the family is at it too, we are like this, we pray for one another and we do it in passion and unison.

I have faith she will rise and wake up from this one and she will be just fine, She has to… Julie is strong willed and very brave, she is a lioness and a born fighter and if there is an individual who will beat this then it is Julie… Yes she is and by the grace of God INSHALLAH she will wake up again and smile with us…We love you Jules and we pray for you…

Miles and miles away my prayers go out to the Imbach Family, this is a trying time for all of you, it must be very frightening but keep strong, you have all of us at heart and in prayers with you…we pray for Julie and we tirelessly continue to pray until she wakes up…Allah never sends trials our way we cant handle, he presented this to Julie that means she can handle it and she can get through it, no dark cloud comes and stays they all come and pass and so shall this one…

Friends, family…anyone who stops by on this page, I kindly request you to say a prayer for Julie, whatever faith you believe in, whatever language you speak…pray with us for our Julie to wake up…Pray for strength for the family to walk through this and pray for God to grant us all patience to endure this trying time.


March 2010 – Rina, Faris, Me, Julie…..Good old days

Nothing but positive Love, energy and prayers… Come on Jules, I know you will be just fine mia amore!! MY THOUGHTS, MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU…STRENGTH JULIE, STRENGTH AND WILL POWER….INSHALLAH YOU WILL BE FINE…GET WELL SOON DOLL!!!

JULIE n ME – June 2010


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