Appreciate Life….

Life…Sigh, it’s very unpredictable, today we are here tomorrow we aint, we are living now and the next minute we are not, nobody knows for sure what exactly is in store for them or what is going to happen the next second, this weekend has yet again reminded me of the eventualities in life that can change your life in an instant, not that I ever forget this fact, I don’t, my faith compels me to always remember it but like all human beings it is when something happens that it strikes more…I am still  saddened and heartbroken but I believe it’s all God’s work and his will cannot be questioned, we pray for the best!

You see, I have been battling a lot of things in my life…but time again I rise and I rise just fine and move to the next step, thank God,  I appreciate his presence and his guidance and off course the great army of good family and friends that walk with me, I am convinced that there is a multidimensional revealing power in a struggle. Ultimately, the efficacy of your struggles (yes, because every difficulty is an opportunity to answer a greater spiritual call in your life) cause you to seek God and admit your inability to handle the world on your own. Kind reminder my people ( I know some of you will say who am I to preach and since when, but yes I do have the spiritual side in me that is very alive) Live well and always remember to pray, do not abandon God and force him to remind you to seek him, appreciate him and praise him…

I wake up every morning and give thanks for the numerous struggles life has presented me with because I know now that without them, I would still be so far away from God. I thank Him because I have finally come to accept the idea of waiting on God;  I thank Him because every struggle has shown me how much He loves me, that He would continually chase after me and discipline me. Most importantly I thank Him because my struggles have made me discover the beauty of God and his powers…Do not forget God and always remember to pray!

It’s a Monday and I am having more than the Monday blues..sigh such is life like I always say one day we are way up and the next we are way down…we have nothing to do but maintain a positive attitude and keep praying for the best.

JULIE still battles for her dear life and we continue to pray, please say a prayer for Julie and for the Imbach Family to have strength.

I am again wearing my almost abused boots, yes I just can’t leave them alone, not just yet I missed them to much, I am not done with boots for a long time to come, I have done the black pair am yet to go on the brown, the green and the grey…hehehehhe. Talk of boot obsession!

Here is  what I am wearing today.

Blessed day my people.


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