It is well…yet another “Lesson”

The other day I wrote about appreciating life and how it is important to always remember and appreciate God then I even wrote about how unpredictable life is and how fast it changes, well it does change…”sigh” but at the end of it all it is well…because its Gods work and its Gods timing and planning and he knows best how and why….his reasons are unquestionable and always have a lesson to learn.

The other day I was in hospital the doctor said my life is in danger, spent a couple of days confined in that hospital bed and I must say whoever said hospital ceilings are boring was joking, HOSPITAL CEILINGS ARE BRAIN TORTURE AND TRAUMA…Whenever the doctor talked to me about my health and what was happening I looked at him like some kind of demon who has been sent to slap the life out of me, he kept coming back with all the scary and terrible news “sigh”but then I told myself in the eyes of God no danger is so great that cant be dealt with and it shall be well by the grace of God….I am out of the hospital now, Thank God, better and on the road to recovery, I will get there…yes I know I will!

I have come to learn “Blessed are the hearts and lives that get sick… If there’s no getting sick and breaking, then there’s no healing. And if there’s no healing, then there is no learning. And if there’s no learning, then there’s no struggle and if there is no struggle then there is no remembering and seeking God and if we forget God then what is our purpose in this life, why are we even here in the first place? But the struggle is a part of life and from it we must learn to appreciate and seek God.

Yes I did learn…and I continue to learn, “sigh” its a whole new revolution yet again, even my diet changes now and some of my favourites are a SERIOUS NO NO…such is life, it is not ours, we only plan, hope and prepare then the most high decides what cuts and his will is final!

Thank God I am better now… A million and one thanks to the more than amazing family I have, my two Iron Ladies for travelling all the way to take care of me, all the others who were present either in person, in text, in phone, however way…my army of friends who stayed close at this time, my workmates….Thank you all, I was overwhelemed by the Love, care and concern, the gifts, the cards, the flowers, the prayers .Thank you so much, as for the calls I couldnt take pardon me, the texts I havent responded to pardon me too….its all well appreciated. God bless you all and Thanks alot.

Blessed Friday my people…be well, be happy and be safe, every smile counts…every second is a treasure in this unpredictable life!

Mad Massive Love in all ways….D!


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