The EPL is Here….

 OLA! The English Premier League season is about to land, Iam excited, yes Iam one of those ladies who are onto the game and actually do understand it.

Manchester City won the title last season, Lord I was glad when they beat Manchester united in the finals, So hear me Gods of soccer bestow upon us another season where Manchester united fails to shine…AMEN!United, Chelsea and others have strengthened the teams with big-money signings, Elsewhere, the league is full of interesting stories, surprises and drama ahead of the new season.

So RVP moved to united, I wonder is he hated more than Samir Nasri now? Arsenal fans?

Ok, I can’t honestly say the who’s going to be in the Top 3 , but I believe it’s going to be between Chelsea, City, United, and Arsenal. It would all go down to who has the least injuries and how luck prevails, yes I said Luck, see modern football is a lot more about Luck than good game, we have all seen how talented players fail to perform in many occasions.

Now you all know am a serious Blue Fan, but I have issues with Di Matteo, he isn’t a league type of a manager, Lord how I miss Mourinho, did you see the Chelsea vs city game? That just proves what am saying here.

My predictions:
Chelsea or Arsenal win the league, Followed by united and City.
Wigan finally get relegated with Reading and for some reason I don’t know which of the two will survive, I swear every season I think Wigan are finally going down, and they find a way to stick around. You have to admire their guts, and Martinez’s loyalty….

Newcastle over achieved last season am waiting to see where they fall this season.

My Top 6 to watch this season:
Robin van Persie
Mario Balotelli
Wayne Rooney
Fernando Torres
Eden Hazard

 Well these are just my thoughts, what is definate  is that this is going to be a very close battle for the EPL Championship and even harder for City to retain their title with all the new signings from rival teams.

It all comes down to 38 Games…and the truth shall surface, so here goes my people to an exciting and Loyal rivalry in the beautiful game.

Enjoy the season.


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