That Mysterious Glow…

Glowing to skin to prove the Love….LOL…Ladies know what am talking about, the instant when a new catch crops into your life!

When a new man walks into your life suddenly there is a glowing skin, twinkle in the eyes and an abnormal bright smile…the walk changes, the ward rodes evolves, food culture changes and you are either eating better or even cooking better…it’s a whole new revolution of smiles and happy days…suddenly life is heavenly and just about nothing gets to you beause there is a new man in yur life!

So God decided(and it’s a fact that will never be changed) that women will glow at two instances in their lives when a new man walks in or when one has baby(which is also a sign that a man has been around)…both are circumstance associated with Luck…yes pure LUCK and off course blessings from God….wouldnt it be nice if we were glowing all year round or all the time…I Wonder!

Unfortunately in this life most beautiful things have a fleeting end and for this magical glow its about the day when the when “the Man – Mr. knight and shining armour becomes human” he has faults and weakness like any other human being and actualy does belong to the vast male DOG breed(disclaimer jhere…iam not labelling anyone), then reality hits and the glow vacates your life like its been instructed to run!!!….oh these days! I speak too well of them for I have lived such days….Seriously have you met a woman whos glow just vacated her life?? Just about how miserable she looks and the madness that accompanies the mysery…LORD! It is a scary moment….I know many women understand what Iam saying or quite associate with this mysterious glow that radicaly changes a womans life….

This morning sitted on my desk I realised I walked out of the house with no lip care and I decided to take a look at the mirror on my office desk while I fix the lip…LORD! I saw the glow packing just about to vacate my life…God FORBID! I have lived this moment and I shall not live it again…hhhmmmm…I feel some women folding their lips while they read this…come on have lived this admit it…its not a shame!

You have a glowy day my people…am battling to keep mine!



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