iPRAY….Free Palestine!

Iam not a political activist neither Iam a war analyst, I do not understand the trends of war in this world neither do I want to understand but Iam a young woman with a heart that yarns and bleeds for peace and Love!

 It is heartbreaking and brain torture watching the numerous young promising and innocent lives that perish in Gaza! Its beats my understanding and every night I go to bed I say a prayer for peace in Gaza.iPray and my heart goes out to the people of Palestine, it is only them who understand the fear,terror and agony they endure each new day!

 Everyday we walk the streets and take for granted the peace and serenity we enjoy in our countries…we forget the 1.6 Million people in Gaza who walk in fear,who stay awake to stay alive when we snore in the comfort of our beds! Sad story…very sad indeed!

 It pains me and baffles me that we spend endless days yapping about football leagues,music videos and fashion..these things take over our lives but we oversee and ignore the inhumanity in Gaza! Unacceptable!we should be ashamed of ourselves….It is the voice within us that will make a different, the desire for peace and power of many shall spread the message like a plague outbreak…God is Love and Peace and that’s just what we should be about…Love and Peace.

 It is sad story that the children of Israel and Palestine children shall wake to such a shameful history about War…so sad.

There is a crime here that goes beyond recrimination. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. I wake with a sense of unbearable sadness. Please let it not be true…

 Meanwhile we all go merry about our lives forgetting the millions suffering..what is the purpose of the voices we have? What is the purpose of the resources we enjoy if we cannot drive home the message of peace??

 This is my message to Israel:

 We’ve never met. It’s unlikely we ever will. But, like every other human being, I will remember you for the rest of my life. The nausea I feel at the mention of your names may recede. The bitterness and grief will not…I grief for the innocent lives!

You are not heroes because you fight a weaker nation,you are cowards! Yes you are mighty today but your days shall come and you will crumble…God hears and sees the cries of the women and children in Gaza and God shall fight that battle for them…one day God shall return the favour and treat you in the same respect you have treated the people in Gaza…Free Palestine!

But, as you’ve probably guessed by now, this isn’t really a letter to you at all. This is an attempt to put words to what cannot be expressed in words. To mourn what is too immense to mourn. A clumsy groping for something beyond the word ‘heartbreak’. A futile attempt to communicate what can only be lived, moment by moment. This is a howl of anguish and rage, a pain for the innocent lives in Gaza. This is a love letter to the innocent lives that battle to survive and see a new day!. This is a long low keening for Palestine. 




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