Go BIG or Go Home #2013

2012!!! Sigh….with its epic fails, traumas and wonderful success…I must say it flew just about too fast!

8 days later…Happy New Year my people…yea a little almost too late but pardon this young life (almost old), I was a little here and there and my lappy was the last thing I would sit on to pass a word off to the world or rather go on musings here…

I spent my holiday with the almost love of my life, chilled with my family and it was beyond amazing, we partied like the rock stars that we are! So here is a little tribute to the year thats past its expiration date

I had some surprises…Some am still trying to absorb…Some good, some distressing. But I learned a lot and Grew in every aspect of life..I am still Growing I guess….

2012 has been one mad roller coaster ride, one minute we have been on an abnormal high and then next on a crushing low, just totally unpredictable, still we enjoyed the race and its happenings, I mean isn’t that just about life one day you have excellent fabric the next you have all messed up pieces, all in all you don’t crumble and go naked, what you do is collect up the fabric and make art which in the end run gives the significance of life…we have learnt and grown beyond expectations and become stronger, chillen by my office window looking down on the road I see a long road ahead and mad challenges but I appreciate where Iam for its miles and miles from where I was…

Nostalgic memories of the moments that changed my life this year, salute to the problems that shaped me up and the near death experiences that changed my view on this life…now that I realize I fear death I also realize I fear more wasting my life…

Sometimes I sit back and wonder, am I really doing it right? 24 years 6 months later have the dreams been realized? I am any closer? It dawns on me in 6 months’ time I turn a quarter of a century, amen! That’s a long time to have been on this planet and not make a difference, Iam proud of me for the little that I have done including battling illness and putting a smile on my face despite the challenges, proud of me for rising every time I have fallen and proud of me for being smart for learning every time there is a lesson…

Well, being here today and writing this post is Gods favor and every step of progress is his plan so yes I thank him abundantly and I am forever grateful…people have new years resolutions and all that, I don’t do those, do me, its another year another struggle and the chase continues, only difference is we push to do it bigger and harder.

So here is to 2012..Here is to the changes..and the choices I made this year…The heartaches and the fulfillment!!!I have met great people this year and lost many as well…Those who are still a part of me..we ride on..To a blessed and an amazing future. Those I lost..If you Died R.I.P…if you r alive then certainly you don’t matter no more…

New years come and new years go…Pieces of time all in a row….As I live my life, each second and minute, I know I am privileged to be who I am and where I am, My appreciation never ends, For my greatest blessings: my family and friends…forhelping me be the amazing character that I am,And the fuckers who stab me on ma back…I LOVE YOU MORE..you damn make me stronger!!!2012….was amagical year…a year that brought to surface aspects of me I never knew existed…2012..The year that unleashed STRENGTH IN ME that i was not aware existed!!

Bring it on 2013..God willing willing I will ride you with Progress just like I have done 2012!!!!

Happy new year Lovelies.


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