iPRAY…Let there be PEACE

I awaken to the sad and depressing truth…the violence in the Tana Delta continues! Innocent lives go down yet again…one sad story, heartbreaking…
There are children who have woken up to no fathers, wives to no husbands, mothers to no children and the list continues…It beats my human understanding why people choose violence as the answer.

Millions of Kenyans we’ve never met. It’s unlikely we ever will. But, like every other Kenyan and human being, I bleed in pain for the clashes in Tana Delta, The nausea I feel at the mention of the clashes may recede but the bitterness, pain and grief will not… we have a mandate, To deliver and preach peace and development to the people of Kenya and to one another and we must sing the song of peace, we must repeat it until it becomes the story we live and dwell about…we must take action, To protect the people of Tana and stand up for Peace and their freedom.
You and I have a tremendous pool of resources, skills, technical support, to draw on, including the experience and advice of our peers in the field – leaders and experts in governance, human rights and constitutional law…we have at hand the crying faces of the people of Tana, we have the blood of Tana down our streams and it is our duty to stand up and drive that message of peace home.

Today I sit on my desk enjoying the comfort of the air condition and privilege of cruising the internet over a hot cup of chocolate I take a minute and reflect on the lives of the people of Tana, the fear they live in, the struggle and the pain…it’s a sad awakening… There is a crime here that goes beyond recrimination. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize….I wonder and ask myself as a Kenya what have I done to see that peace driven home??

We spend endless days yapping about football leagues, music videos and fashion…these things take over our lives but we oversee and ignore the inhumanity. Unacceptable! We should be ashamed of ourselves….It is the voice within us that will make a different, the desire for peace and power of many shall spread the message like a plague outbreak…God is Love and Peace and that’s just what we should be about…Love and Peace.

Let there be peace, Love and Harmony in Tana Delta and all over Kenya…Amen.

God is Love be about it.


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