Gigolos…I Baffled!

“Deeda, nice to meet you. Lend me some money?”…… While am humbled and grateful for all Gods blessings big and small….. I cannot help but be totally amazed, disgusted and cracked up by the increase of shameless gigolos and men who have no qualms asking women for money…. The “hustle n work for your own money” in me is totally baffled…boys of NBO style up and earn that high life u so love!

The above was my facebook status this morning, couple of people have wondered what sparked such a piece. Well Iam sick n bored of the pathetic and shameless lifestyle most young men of this vodka and red bull generation embrace, it is sad and beyond my intellectual comprehension that someone resolves to take up an expensive life they cannot afford, now that’s one thing…its a whole other thing to live that life off women, to wake up everyday and search for the next rich lady to ripp off! GOD FORBID! Yes believe it or not this is the life people embrace in this day and time of a world where there are endless opportunities of business and earning prospects.

Young handsome men have decided they will only work hard to get their bodies n looks in shape, the rest they will earn off rich women…the cycle – spot one rich spoilt boy who is a disguise in the group, his fathers expensive car will be used as bait to attract unsuspecting rich women who are on the other hand out there desperately searching for someone to love them,then the rip off begins and continues for as long as madam ATM doesn’t realise she isn’t loved but being used to maintain a chosen life that someone cannot afford!

People have gone to the extent of calling other human beings their hustle! Really??Now I hear screams of Men shouting why am I not mentioning women gold diggers…well not that I support them but they r women they will settle up n get married, become housewives and life goes on…now u my brother who will u marry after all the women have realised your two seconds of half baked rich pretence life are all fake??who will embrace and take you home to feed you and clothe you??Hear me now that Moet and fake Gucci show off will not last long before its unwrapped because the pain of earning paper is too deep to allow anyone to watch their hard earned cents go to waste feeding and taking care of a lazy, useless, disgusting and half baked Gigolo living beyond their means!

It is a sad story but very true…Heaven help us all and save this Vodka and red bull generation lest we all perish because of the ill habits surrounding us.

ION – 6days to elections, Lord let ur will be,let there be peace in Kenya.

Iam out, My Hustle “Damco Logistics,part of the AP MOLLER MAERSK GROUP” awaits my service to earn me my two cents!

Blessed day People



One thought on “Gigolos…I Baffled!

  1. Hi Deeds, lend me some money lols 😛 very nice article and a good wake up call for our poor sisters being preyed upon by degenerates. Thumbs up!!

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