“Yellow Yellow” Madness…Kai!!!!

I am an African mixed breed, a very proud African raised up as an African. My upbringing led me to act and behave as an African. I have been preached and taught all the good values of the African culture The respect, values, norms and culture all was embodied in me and it made me appreciate the true beauty in being an African.
One of the many inspirations I gained as an African was to hear the popular phrase “black is beautiful”. Indeed, black is certainly beautiful.

I understand using skin toning creams…Most if not all women have used it at one time or the other, to ‘brighten or ‘maintain’ the skin tone and complexion, in some cases to make the skin glow…that I understand and comprehend very well.

What I do not understand and is beyond my human brain comprehension is outright bleaching of the skin complexion. Going from dark-skinned to white-skinned. Why do some women do it? They think bleaching enhances their beauty or black isn’t beautiful? Lord I have tried to keep silent about this issue but the reality of it consumes me so bad, it’s pathetic and sick to the core, the existence of skin bleaching products like glutathione have just taken over the world and now we have beautiful black girls dying to get fried and become “Yellow Yellow”

I want to understand who in the world has declared that black or dark skinned isn’t beautiful? Who invented and declared this Yellow Yellow culture? Does it stream from women with inside issues of lack of confidence or is it pure ignorance of choosing to believe Yellow and lighter is prettier.

I’m tired of the whole bleaching story; personally I don’t think color is an issue. For me it’s the features…..irrespective of how dark or light a person is beauty is universal and comes in all shapes and sizes that’s why Naomi Campbell and Iman will continue to be defined as the most beautiful women of this day and many more years to come.

Some black women I have seen bleach and bleach until it gets to the point when their skin begins to peel off with black spots developed on their cheeks and hands. Pathetic and sad at the same time…do women realize the consequences of using skin lighteners?
Prolonged use of these bleaching products prevent the formation of melanin in the deeper basal layers of the skin, which leaves the skin lighter, and also make it more vulnerable to damage. I think someone should set a forum to educate people about this….
So now, my question is, can we all be fair colored? How would it have been in this world if everybody was fair? If you walked across the street and each person was white skinned bearing the same faces how would it have been? Would that not have been boring? But the interesting thing is that we have variety. Some are black, others are white, and others are Asians. That is what makes the world unique and beautiful.
We can make a difference in this world when we begin by changing our mindset. Black becomes beautiful when we accept to be black, and appreciate being black. Indeed being black is unique and beautiful.
Now I have not even started to mention the sick culture of fake Mongolian, Brazilian, Peruvian….(the list is endless) hair which is beyond expensive and people would rather go hungry so as to purchase this hair…really? Where is our sense of African originality? Didn’t we learn any values from our fore mothers and ancestors on the timeless nature of natural beauty? Our generation just fails to uphold the beauty of Africa as it is…
Is it just me or we are about just to fake that our legacy shall fail the minute we are buried?

Embrace your roots be proud of how you look, God is an artist and what he makes is in its best form…



4 thoughts on ““Yellow Yellow” Madness…Kai!!!!

  1. I think the people who bleach their skin have the right to do what they want as its their body and their life. These are confused people who are probably not happy with the way they look and also let’s not forget the light skinned girls are better than dark skinned girls prejudice that is in the black community also I don’t know if you know but people buy stuf like hair extensions because they want to look better and enhance their beauty or just fit in. Like I said its people’s lives and its their prerogative to do what they want. This is your opinion one we all don’t share so instead of sitting there judging people think it is only your opinion and none else so people shouldn’t live their lives restrained by the opinions of society and people like you.

    • “Light skinned girls are better than dark skinned girls” that is about the nearly the strongest lie I have heard in a long time, Yes this is my opinion and am entitled to it at anytime but still you, I and everyone else know very very well skin bleaching is a sad and sick culture with very bad outcomes in the longrun….

      • It’s not a lie. You might live in good old Kenya where nobody gives a damn about how dark or light you are but in places like the US it does matter. Don’t believe me google it or Take a look at this video on YouTube:

        It’s time to wake up and smell the roses as they say.

  2. @ Pat – we are all entitled to have our own opinions, yes. So here’s mine :- You mention that “…these are confused people” and then you go ahead and say “don’t sit there judging people…” Who’s the confused one?

    Love yourself. Open your eyes and acknowledge that there is a problem – opinion or no opinion, reality bites.

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