Emotional theatrics and a WM Ensemble….

fri 2fri 1

I have learnt that I have become too focused on myself to even let anyone into my life; I have believed I have the solution for everything in my life; I unearthed so many things that at the end of it all leave you questioning whether almost 25years years later was this all a waste?? Not all is lost though, I am a winner and a winner of great battles for that matter…yes again, I believe Iam very much blessed.

So Lesson Learnt at again at almost 25 and battling to reach those goals: “sigh” I cannot drum this into my head without hurting myself because I have learnt to constantly and everyday remind me to take charge or my emotions. Emotional theatrics can be entertaining and sometimes upsetting. Have the understanding of your emotions and know how to control them because that is what will determine whether you can control yourself from getting into a hot pot.

Blessed Furahiday you all…Polar Bear arrives today.



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