This is the LOVE!

We’ve only been together a month and a half, spent almost every day together, When you kisses me, fireworks go off in my brain, and my stomach becomes somewhat of a bat cave. I never get tired of your presence and even if you make me upset, one kiss makes everything alright again. Wow… I don’t know about anything else in the world, but I know I absolutely adore you, and wouldn’t mind loving you for always, but I wonder do you know how much you mean to me? Do you believe in the Love I feel for you?

I look into you eyes and my heart leaps. I want to be with you ALL the time. I want to be the last thing at night before you sleep, the first thing you see when you wake up because I see how much you desires me, AND I know I desire you JUST as much, I know I am madly in love with you.

I am never this soppy or even pay a guy that much attention but you, you are different, i am different when i am around you. You are everything i could ask for and more. When you hold me i feel secure, an issue that i could never put to one side. With you I have!…when I sleep you are there in my dreams tormenting me as you are cuddling me in bed. When I wake up I day dream of our future and what it would be like….it’s a beautiful feeling. You make me feel beautiful, which is a challenge in itself. When i am with you nothing else matters, you are the best guy that has ever walked into my life and I intend to never let you walk out of it…but I wonder do you know? Do you believe?

Yes I have erred, I am human, it was never my intention and it doesn’t change my feelings at heart, you are engrave deep inside me, I wish you wouldn’t over analyze every bit of information and situation, I wish you believe and listen to my heart, there is a voice speaking to you and its real.

And even though you hurt, I believe “US” is real and I try to make sense of your reasoning and walk in your shoes, I understand and live your pain just about too well, So what I say doesn’t always make sense to you or to myself but like I have said, Iam human, maybe I don’t know how to Love, maybe I haven’t perfected the art but I know for sure you are the “ONE” Some people might think that I’m crazy for feeling this way in such a short time, and I question my reasoning too, but it must be said because it is my turn to enjoy and indulge in what I feel, I hope you are with me on this one.
And Yes I still maintain that if tomorrow you wanted me to take some space, I would insist this is it and am sure of what I want …I would. If only we could be silent. If I could lay with my head on your chest and listen to your heart beat, run your hands through my body and watch me sleep through the night or wake up to those naughty goofy eyes, I would. Silently, so words couldn’t break the moment or interrupt the beauty and joy of it all.
So here Iam, words have failed me or maybe I have spoken to much or maybe I haven’t made sense, here is to you, the man I have found Love in ,my fellow level headed, intelligent and passionate human being who declare he don’t believe Iam sure of my Love (yes I know you do)I stand shamelessly on this platform and holla the war cry of Love. We shall be beat down, we shall be bruised; we shall be scorned, we shall be shamed. Yet through our hurts, through our pain; the Love in our hearts will be our Desert rain…Don’t give in to the foolish pride that doesn’t want you to accept this love which is actually able to touch the deepest parts of both of us and is the beginning of a beautiful story, You are not a fool for opening your heart to Love or me and you are not wrong.
This is where Iam now, this is where I will be and this is where I want to be!
Yours of Life – Deeda!


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