Holla my people…it’s been ages since a sister had time to scribble anything here, well let’s just say Iam on that chase to make the dreams happen or perhaps on a writer’s block..hihihi, this from the self-proclaimed writer that Iam…anyways fast forward to why today I took a few minutes from my busy schedule to scribble a few things here or rather speak my heart out on my little space…

So my beloved country is celebrating 50 years of independence next week! 50 Long years…half a century my people…not many human beings clock 50 these days, so yes 50 years is a long time.

I for one I am not a very patriotic Kenyan so I have been very much less bothered about this 50 years celebration, to me honestly there is nothing to celebrate, other than a few make believe forced progress here and there I find Kenya a perfectly progressive mediocre country, we live in a country submerged in lies and neo colonialism, we live in fear and many a times we ran away from the troubles that continue to drag this country down…I think Kenya is a good example of a poor woman in a horrible marriage with a shameless selfish and greedy husband whose aim is to shine on a personal level while dragging the wife down the best way he knows how…these are the best words I can use to speak of our leaders and the people we vote for! sad but very true…I cannot begin to analyze the wrong in this nation but I can sum up the fact that 50 years later there is nothing to celebrate!

Millions or perhaps Billions ( I do not have the exact number ) will be put to waste to commemorate these 50years and people we laugh, dance and celebrate…but why are we rejoicing when in this day we have people dying of hunger in this country, we have unsolved murder mysteries where are leaders disappear, drugs continue to be distributed and laws and rules get worse in insanity by the day…

To ME, Kenya is celebrating mediocrity, Impunity, Injustice, Selfishness and 50 years of Pathetic despot and unhopeful men/women who have mercilessly dragged the country down the roads of inflation, the beauty and serenity of Kenya is almost gone…It is a shame what Kenya once was and what is now and it more of a shame that we have allowed this to happen.

Yes Iam a Kenya, blood and soul but 50 years later I am afraid I cannot say am proud of this land…

So here is to the lies, the mediocrity and the many adverts that have people singing happy birthday Kenya…Congratulation for celebrating nothing and for taking part in a painful show and embrace of mediocrity, Impunity, Injustice, Selfishness and 50 years of Pathetic leadership.

…And to Kenya, you are beautiful my motherland sad that you are run and handled mercilessly by the wrong people…maybe someday it will get better for you but until it does…Happy Birthday at least you deserve the appraisal for being kind enough to hold 40 million strong despite all that shakara that befalls you!

Happy Hump Day…



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