We Applaud Mediocrity! WHY????

Last week I was at the Sarakasi dome for the first time to see a show “Dance meets circus” I was beyond impressed by the level of talent showcased by the fellas on stage…I left that dome with a question “There is so much talent in Kenya, why is it not embraced and applauded?” Just why?

This has occupied by busy head so much, that after ages of not putting down anything on this space, today I have come to speak, I have come to speak because I am disgusted and dissapointed by our society…

Cruise our social media and aside from scanty news about how well Lupita is doing, you will be flooded by stories about socialites and the lives they live, how they compete to strip naked and who is the more glorified whore than the other…yes please excuse my French but you and I know very well most of these girls do nothing but sleep around for money, throw naked photos online and spend their talent-less lives partying.

 It’s a shame Kenya has turned in a society that applauds and appreciates Lack of Talent and Mediocrity than it does appreciate real talent and professionalism…pathetic state of affairs tell you.

 So I wonder are these naked women all over the internet the kind of role models we parade for our little ones? Are these the kind of people our society is made of that so much of  our internet space is consumed by them? I am so angry with myself and everyone else who spends time paying attention to these people are nothing but a major embarrassment to society and human life…If one day we gave this people a black out and let them vanish from the public eye…then we took their space and applauded the real artists who put effort to earn a living, the decent graduates who are out there struggling to make it in this difficult life, the young entrepreneurs’ taking every step they can to make that next thousand…just think about it, wouldn’t our land be filled with glory of success and proper role models for our little one? I just wonder….

 Next time you take a minute to like that naked picture or another minute to write about that talent-less woman who is a disgrace to our society…just ask yourself have you done any good to the society and have you banked any good for the coming generation…Just think about it.


And for those of you who will say I am hating because I wish I had the “high end” lives of the socialites trust my word, I am an entrepreneur and I have a kick ass career,  a killer body that is a good enough to shut down the operations of an army but I would not  parade naked on social media for attention neither would I global trot whoring myself to earn a living!!!  NEVER because I have been taught the value of a woman is beyond the two minutes of naked fame on the internet and the five thousand dollars payment after a good ballers night with the tycoons…The body of a woman is sacred its to be preserved and wealth is to be earned by hard work!


That’s my two cents! Enjoy your week Children!


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