Yet Again….

I know, I said I will probably not write here again.
Well today has been one of the most humiliating days in my life, every inch of me has broken in ways I am not even able to handle, speech has failed me and today even drowning in work has not helped, so today I have come to my little space where no one will interrupt me or ask me questions…

I have prayed and asked God to grant me patience and courage to understand this life and I continue to pray…

Everyone who has read this blog has come to understand that I am a very emotional person…and many a times issues that are not supposed to hurt me break me…

Anyways the truth remains, no one can ever undo what God has planned and no matter how much you struggle what is not destined for you can never be yours…

May Allah grant me wisdom to understand that his plans are bigger than my wants and may He grant me patience to wait on what is best for me…

Broken in Nairobi…Dee.


One thought on “Yet Again….

  1. My dear sister, life is full of surprises for those who do not believe everything comes from Allah. When they work hard and do not earn “enough” as per their expectations, they are surprised. Similarly when blessings “just fall” on them without too much hard work, they are equally surprised…..As a brother I will urge you just to be patient, as you have correctly said and things will fall into place at the right time…..Allah is always there to bless you with more that what you want, but at HIS own time….Inshaallah your time is not far.

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