…to safe heaven and personal growth!

What can be a more amazing travel journey than life itself? Think about this question. It is important.

Each of us is born on this planet for a certain purpose. We all have a certain mission to realize in life.

“The most important thing is to know: this is what you are supposed to do.”

It can be anything: creating a family, becoming a banker or spending one’s whole life on the road. The most important thing is to know: this is what you are supposed to do and then when you know you take it up and do it against all odds…that just sums it all up!

For most of life I have lived behind a curtain and in fear, fear of trying and fear of taking chances up until the most recent times have had had the courage to stand up and try…truth is I have lived a life that was close to luxury, achievement and much more but the reality most of this wasn’t earned but given…I know right, sad and shocking too…so the realization that I have become too dependent on people to even get my health in order got me scared and the result of that fear is deciding to take it up on my own,,,to do it and do it alone and chances are I risk failing and perhaps being laughed at over and over again…but hey, who cares what the world thinks??? I am out here for me and I have a reason to get it done for me…at least I owe myself that much…

In the process I have hurt people and let others believe that I am evil, not loyal and insensitive…when the truth is I have simply been taking a challenge to do things alone…some damage is done and all is what it is, I honestly can’t go back and change what is…but I can simply lay it all out here…

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” —Jimmy Dean

I am grateful for the chances given in life, I am grateful for those who have time and again taken my hand and supported me, those who put everything at risk for me, those who build me and those who provided for me…words can’t express how much I appreciate and I truthfully can’t even afford to repay you, even if I tried I wouldn’t manage its a lot…so in a day that you remember Ddaa and all you see is a picture of a crazy woman who isn’t grateful remember from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART, IAM GRATEFUL, I APPRECIATE, I REMEMBER AND MOST OF ALL May God bless you…

I can no longer stretch a hand to receive and it’s about time I do it on my own and if I fail…you are welcomed to laugh, life is an ocean of trial and error, it’s my turn to try…

Cheers…to safe heaven and personal growth!


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