My 10 at 28…

First…Again I must appreciate My life has taken on a completely new and different direction. Perhaps this is the direction I needed for motivation and just a smile on my face, this is the place I needed to be to discover God more and get more inclined to my faith..IAM HAPPY:-)…THANK GOD!! I am a complex character I must say I am actually still in the process of finding out about myself,well here are a few facts about what I know of me….I have a lovely day at a friend’s wedding, it was simple and so beautiful, the gory of love is definitely something worth finding…

I have written about this before and while i have over the years taken time to improve me and make me better where I can, when its all said and done, I am still the same old Dee…


1.I over analyse everything and then do nothing about it. I don’t like my lack of follow up, I have challenged myself over and again to do better, while I have improved over time, I am yet to get there.

2.I love  new things, clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets…anything new works very well with me, there is something very therapeutic and refreshing about new things and the smell they have,Iam a confessed shopaholic, I buy everything and anything, Its practically a disease that leaves me broke all the time.

3…I  secretly wish I could get married, have babies and never have to do anything else but take care of my family. I would love to be a housewife, a perfect housewife and give the best to my children.

4.I am a boy at heart and I hate combing my hair…I put effort to dress up but deep down I love me in my pyjamas or jogger pants and jacket, so much comfort and peace you know.

5.I actually do enjoy talking about myself, I think it takes a big person to admit that. But I know that people don’t like to hear you go on about yourself.. but then I don’t care what people want to hear or what they don’t want to hear..

6.I have been in love and I think the biggest lie I ever told, was telling someone I don’t love them…

7.I I hate it when people think they are better than me, particularly when men (including my guy friends) don’t take my opinion seriously, or my friends who take my opinion as second class. It’s sad that this happens to me every other day.

8.I am proud of who I am, where I come from, I work hard for the life that I live and if people think I am show off well then maybe I am.

9.If I don’t reply your messages, texts, wall posts, it’s because I don’t want to. It is a conscious decision I make and if I tell you I am too busy then am most likely lying, my phone is always in hand to reply.


10. I don’t believe in second chances at all, if it didn’t work out the first time then definitely something has to be done different and I don’t keep grudges and I live each new day as brand new, always try to let go of the pain and hold onto the joys!!


I love it when a guy argues with me, it is such a turn on to be challenged. It becomes a turn off when he can’t handle me winning an argument, then he just annoys me. I am the type who thrives on conflict. Smart men are so sexy.

I have a strong personality that most people cant handle infact they think I have an attitude then again I dont care what they think, Yes am demanding and HIGH maintenance because I expect nothing less than the best, thats just what I deserve!

I am an emotional Junkie…I practically get high on emotions, I easily cry and get hurt and I am never afraid to show it, I am very sentimental and I rarely get attached to things but when I do its deeper than what I can deal with!

I can be a real harsh person when I want to be. Again, I don’t think that is a bad thing, Yes I am intimidating sometimes and if I  intimidate you then you have allowed me, that’s your problem not mine! I am very aggressive and again I am not sorry about it, this is just me.

Iam a very difficult person to please and when I say you have made me happy, then you must be really special.


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