Polygamy? Cheating?

Last week I took me for dinner, there was a group of girls sitting just behind me, faces I recognized very well from the Nairobi social scene, they are loud, they want to be seen and they feed from attention…so pardon me that I fell prey to the conversation they were having and I listened all the way through, the topic of discussion, POLYGAMY!
These were 24 to 27 year olds modern day girls who swore that they would never settle to be second wives even if they lives depended on it or agree their husbands to marry a second wife, the discussion was vehement and very bitter, to them polygamy is an abomination, it’s a culture that shouldn’t happen and should totally be done away, I was not surprised I have heard this story before, what surprised me is that fact that I know one of them very well and I know she dates a married man…so the irony one would comfortably do away and enjoy the man married to another but would never settle to be a second wife or agree for the husband to marry a second wife?? Is this what women have been reduced to? They would settle to be concubines and little secrets than embrace the culture of polygamy, the rightful nature that gives one the title of a wife and right to legally earn all benefits of a wife? Really? People would settle to be the little secret than face the “shame” of being the second wife?
It beats my understanding.

So, I have established that cheating and dating married men was socially acceptable and put this up as my status “Why cheating and dating married men is socially acceptable but polygamy is frowned upon?”

My Opinion is that man is polygamous by nature, I would rather my husband marries 4 wives and I understand very well that we are 4 women twined in a union with one man than have my husband move around sampling every available hottie in town, If God has allowed polygamy who are we to stand against it? Let’s be realistic here, Men will never settle for one woman, so we might as well embrace the culture of polygamy.

We are not reasonable well-mannered people. The truth is, to various degrees, we are insensitive, selfish beings capable of defying intellectual logic even with the clearest view of doomed prophecy. Even if a man or woman bears a billboard across his/her shoulder boldly reading ‘I AM UNAVAILABLE!’ some will still seize the chance to conveniently rearrange, expand and interpret the message to read ‘I AM AVAILABLE since where there is life there is hope’. Infatuation completely takes over, holding on to Mr/Mrs/Ms. Unavailable’s attention with fake regard for who may get burnt in the process, so while we are at this malicious en devour of snatching away married men we might as well accept the culture of polygamy, it only makes sense.

Sue me, this is the truth and this is my opinion in my own little space.

and for those mistresses out there who see themselves validated by Camilla Parker-Bowles, for those who believe that patience and persistence will get them to the altar in the end, the answer in three words:

“No, no, no! Charles and Camilla are an anomaly. This almost never happens and should it happen remember KARMA awaits to bite”

Most men, who are perfectly happy the way things are. They have their families, and they have their mistresses. I should have a dollar for every time I’ve heard one of these uptown girls say, ‘Oh, he’s going to leave his wife.’ ” The truth is he will never leave his wife, the wife will probably leave and his sorry ass will settle for your cheap ass that had no problem breaking the home of another women and the BLOOP…KARMA bites and you cry fowl…sigh!

Enjoy your weekend you all, I am just a woman about life musing in my own little space.


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