Love Letter to my Children…

My dear children,

Today 13th February 2017 I am 4 months away from turning 29…I am ageing but they say I still look 24, you should know your mommy works out and eats healthy…that’s a challenge to you both, we look good in this family and you better make sure that is passed on to your children and grandchildren…

I want you to know that you are the epitome of my existence, my reason for being alive and so much more.
I will try and do my best to be a good mother to you, I will pray with you, I will memorize your favorite books, the ones we will read over and over and over. I will hang your artwork on the refrigerator so you can see how proud I am. I will let you play with glitter. We will bake cupcakes and I will even let you crack the eggs, though I know I’ll have to pick shell out of the batter when you’re done. We will play Hot Wheels. I will try to always be happy for you and to always make sure you are happy…in summary I will hold your hand as walk this earth for as long as the God allows me…we will disagree many times, but that doesn’t mean you are not my favorite people…it’s just how parents and children relationships are…

You are from a home full of love and soul that will teach you how to navigate life and have one helluva time while doing it…and that is why its my duty to share with you a little wisdom on this space, one fine day you will bump into this online diary I have kept and when you go through it, know these are the pure and genuine sentiments of your mother…

To you my dear Daughter…
My goal from the start has always been to raise amazing young women. I never intended to keep watch over you, teaching you your ABCs while you learn how to best blend into society so that one day you may become that elegant, happy, successful woman you are destined to be, You’ll grow up to be young women with soul. Women who have vision and ambition who know they will have to work through blood and sweat to get the life they want and deserve, because nothing is ever given in this life for free. Women who follow their hearts no matter where it leads and who possess the courage to help others to do the same.

You will most likely take after your mother, you are a strong, beautiful and intelligent human being, at times you will intimidate people and at times you will feel the need to shrink to accommodate others, make no such mistake my child, you are who you are and at any time DO NOT shrink or make yourself small to accommodate anyone…

You must master, understand and uphold Loyalty and honesty in everything you do in this life…these are the foundations of great living, DO NOT compromise at any time, give these at its best and take nothing less in what you receive.

You will fall in love one day, it’s the most beautiful and amazing story you will ever know but also the craziest and most chaotic experience you will know, if you are lucky you will marry the man you fall in love with, if you are unlucky like your mother, fate will take you on a whirlwind and show you what pain is…I pray you don’t experience this pain and if by any unlucky chance you do…remember, you are your mothers daughter, you will look the storm in the ye and let it know you are the storm, then rise above and become better…experiences are designed to shape you, to make you stronger and to make you better…always hold onto that…

I learn this too late in life or probably after so much struggle…this should be your guiding faith, God is your weapon, He is the beginning and the end of it all and make no mistake His plans for you are the best you will ever know in this life, speak to Him, seek Him, pray and you will have the most peaceful experiences in this life….

To you my adorable Son…
You have been born and raised by a Queen, that should reflect in everything that you do…you MUST respect and honor women at all times, let temptations not mislead you or misguide you…
Your father is an amazing man(emulate him and be an even better version of him)
Treat women with respect. We live in a world where many say chivalry is dead. Well, our family chooses to create a world in our home where that is not the case. Hold the door for the girl entering behind you. Always stand when a woman comes to the table. And treat the girls you date like you would want a boyfriend to treat your sisters. I fell in love with your father because he was always (and continues to be) a true gentleman.
And like I have said to your sister…pray and remember God in everything you do.

And lastly to you both my children,

Always, always, always choose kindness. Others will make fun and some will be downright mean at times but I am asking you to choose kindness because the world needs more of it. Be a beacon of light even in the darkest of moments.

Make friends. You will always have your family, but friends are the family you choose. They will make your life richer, more funny, and more bearable. You can never have too many friends, but it’s imperative that you have just a handful that know every little thing about you and love you just the same.

Work hard. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Your father and I will want to give you everything. There is nothing sweeter than spoiling your children with the things they dream about having. BUT we also know that confidence and a feeling of self worth are earned from working your way up the ladder. The best night of sleep comes after a long hard day of work.

Play hard. This life is supposed to be joyful and fun. While you should work hard when necessary — you should also find time to daydream, travel, adopt hobbies, and play sports. It’s good to be competitive and to want to win. Just make sure that if and when you lose, you lose with dignity. Nobody likes a sore loser.

Learn to fix things. Whether it be a rift with a friend or a flat tire, the world needs more fixers. People who aren’t afraid to brainstorm and come up with a solution. Be crafty. There’s never any harm in trying. Also be a fixer when it comes to people issues. There is no fight so big that an apology won’t fix it.
And on that note, say you are sorry. We come from a long line of stubborn people. It isn’t always pretty but we are constantly talking about and working on being better at saying we are sorry when we’ve done wrong. Saying you’re sorry will help you to sleep better at night. A clear conscience is everything.

Believe in God. There will be science and statistics that try to prove he doesn’t exist, but I am telling you HE does. Believing in God gives you a foundation that is based in goodness. I’ve prayed for you every night of my life and I will continue to pray. Good and bad will unfold in your life and I hope that you see God’s hand in all of it.

Find someone to love. This life is meant to be lived in tandem with others. There is nothing better than watching a magnificent sunset and having someone special sitting beside you. Take your time though — you have many years before you need to find this person. So in the meantime I am completely content to be the love of your life…and that wont change anyways…I AM YOUR MOTHER,THE MST GENUINE LOVE YOU WILL EVER KNOW AND WHEN THEY BREAK YOUR HEART, COME HOME TO ME…

Laugh as much and as often as possible. There is so much sadness unfolding in this world every day. It can weigh on your heart. It’s okay to cry over tragedies big and small. Just be sure to carve out a little time for levity each day too. And that whole “saying your sorry” thing is always much easier if you can laugh about the argument after the fact, your father and I often laugh at the things we did that drove each other most crazy when we first got together.

Take care of yourself. You only get one body, one mind, and one heart in this life and you owe it to yourself to treat it with respect. Eat well. Exercise always. And know that there are so many ways to heal outside of standard medicine. Seek healing when you need it.

And lastly many of these things I am encouraging you to do would lead you down a path that would make you a man and woman much like your father and mother. When in doubt look to US as your North Star. Do as we have done and you too will be a humans of great character and honor.

My love for you will know no bounds. Please always tell me things. Ask me things. And know that you will find no judgement from me. You may disappoint me with the choices you make, but I will tell you that and we will move on. The day you were born was one of the best days of my life. I will never forget it…
Love always,



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