Demons of Social Media…

What’s good family???
There’s motivation to write, we are glowing and we are happy people…what more does a woman want than awesome good positive energy and loads of smiles…can I just stay in this zone
Oh well…it is what it is

Today I am going to write about a pretty sensitive topic and I know it will rub off a lot of people very wrong, but the truth must be spoken one way or another…so lets begin by saying, if the shoes fits, reflect and then wear it.

We live in a world engulfed with social media craze and madness, we love it, we embrace it and social media is basically just what we are about, but how real are our lives on social media? Just how much pressure are we under to prove to the world that we are ok and we are living the life that we start faking it in social media.

The other day I read a post from a sister on social media where she praised the man she loves and said she had a wonderful valentine’s day but I am well informed Mr. Knight and shining armor was nowhere near the vicinity of her and was actually well in the arms of his beloved wife…shmmmm…so who is fooling who here? Who is playing the lonely card here?

This got me thinking has society put so much pressure on the need to show off that we have to lie on social media in order to be seen that we are living? Very sad but it’s the reality we live in…

While we make an effort to please the world, to make an impression and appear perfectly happy, The greatest challenge here is that we first have to be real with ourselves. This means becoming unmasked and accepting our strengths and foibles without shame, accepting our lives without feeling the need to keep up appearances or to impress anyone… Only then can we begin to be real with others, because there will be nothing of us to hide.

Truthfully the people we struggle so hard to impress or make an impact to barely care, think about it, when you have lied on social media and there is a buzz talking about your happy merry picture perfect life when the sun sets and it’s time to go to bed, who battles and handles the demons? It all ends with you alone handling your demons and struggling to find a new lie to keep up the picture perfect story…

If where you want to be is real, then immerse yourself in the greatest antidote for fake that we have in a social media obsessed, email-, text-, and like-checking society. Leave your phone alone when you are with the mountains, trees, or by the lake, with your beloved, your friends, or your little ones. It is rude and dismissive of their essence and humanity.Besides, at the end you lose out. Because there is no amount of screen time that can rival the pleasure of just one kiss, blowing all the wishes off a dandelion, or a deep breath of mountain pine.

Learn to live your life for you and forget or drop the desire to make a statement to the world, best believe 90% of the time people don’t care…it is ok to share experiences but if you have to create fake experiences in order to keep your social media story going, you my friend have a problem and you better start checking yourself… Your friends’ lives may look more exciting than yours on Facebook and instagram, but new research reveals that is because they are faking it, so DO NOT fall prey into the pressure of having to prove a point to anyone…Happiness comes from within forget the filters, status updates and check ins and start real living.

My two cents, over and out

Blessed Monday you all…
Signed Glowy Dee


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