29…Bold, Beautiful & Glorious!!!

29…29…29….ALHAMDULILLAH…For these Glorious Beautiful years, I have only God to thank for becoming this Outstanding one of a kind woman that I am, I am an island girl, I wanted to wake up covered in roses, smooth ocean breeze on my face and view for the gods or perhaps a cruise in Monte Carlo, Monaco, yeah yeah yeah I dream in colour, it’s the just the human being I am….but hey, its Ramadhan, that birthday gate away will have to wait maybe…

Since turning 27 I’ve changed significantly as an individual. My needs, passions, goals, and personal identity has evolved as I have matured. The result is an adult who is on a course towards becoming who I want to become and living the life I want to live…and my biggest take home every year has been the fact that I am able to learn and accept change, accept people as they are and understand that their perceptions DO NOT define who I am…never have and never will…

Today I turn 29, my birthday for me is an interesting opportunity to step back, reflect, and share a thing or two in this small space. I must say my 28th has felt like a quickie, moved on a little too fast for me but hey, isn’t that what happens when life takes direction and you are living.
I must acknowledge I am in a happy place, at peace and very much aware of myself,there is still basic pains and agony here and there, but we know a smooth sail would be boring… I have grown so much emotionally and mentally it’s amazing what changes in 12 months, well I still cry over the most trivial things but who said there is a problem with crying, its human nature and I am just about ok with it.

The past year for me has been much about personal identity, freedom and peace at heart. There is so much power and peace when you understand the dynamics of personal identity, I’ve come to realize that often the line between passion and a desire to share and arrogance is a thin one. Both in how it is expressed and in how it is received. When you are passionate and grow comfortable enough with ideas to the point where you are willing and able to speak with conviction, no matter what you do, you’ll perpetually threaten some people while others will mistake that passion and excitement for arrogance and that’s ok too, you can’t make everyone happy in this world, the most important thing is to do right by God and be happy then the rest falls in place somehow.
Understanding this has taken my level of confidence to a whole new level and Once you’ve internalized your self-confidence you’re able to act from a position of strength and independence and I tell you there isn’t a better feeling in this world. This doesn’t mean you won’t doubt yourself and that you don’t constantly push yourself or that you’re recklessly self confident. It simply means that you know that when you apply yourself to something, that you are the master of your own destiny and that you are not only responsible but capable of being responsible for making those decisions.
My other take home for the year has been understanding that YOU must choose who you want to be and what type of life you want to live. When I was 16 I wanted to be a lawyer, I still harbor a fascination with the legal world and then at some point I wanted to be a cabin crew(I know, so laughable, how was all this potential was going to be locked up being a glorified waitress) thank God we dropped that dream too., but I now know that the life and pursuits of a lawyer would have led me down a course very different from the one I have charted, It would have been a rich life but one I am eternally grateful I did not choose to pursue, I realise I just don’t have the heart for it. I became a finance individual somewhere along the lines, then a communication specialist, a marketer by default ( well that part of me never leaves) and now I am in the Telecommunications world which is a whole new experience for me, THE DREAM currently is to make Foreign Affairs expert, matters diplomacy and perhaps a little bit of politics, power intrigues and excites me somehow and am going after it full swing and I know I will, every day is a step closer by the Grace of God.

Today i leave you with a strong quote from a book am currently reading…

“The most important lesson I think I could impart is don’t let anyone determine what your horizons are going to be. You get to determine those yourself. The only limitations are whatever particular talents you happen to have and how hard you’re willing to work. And if you let others define who you ought to be, or what you ought to be because they put you in a category, they see your race, they see your gender and they put you in a category. You shouldn’t let that happen.”

Condoleezza Rice – No higher Honor “Memoirs of my days in Washington”

Önce in a while in the middle of an ordinary life. We all get a fairy tale…and I am almost living mine in colour”

Today am craving Roses, Caramel and Touch of Diamonds….A BLESSED AND FABOLOUS BIRTHDAY TO BEST OF ME, YET…29!!!

Love, Light and Glamour Dee of Life!!!