Almost 3rd Floor

Just a couple of months ago I turned 29…and then the anticipation of the 3rd floor…

I had so many plans and dreams and expectations about what 29 would look like. I wasn’t one of those people who dreaded it, am one of those rare women who don’t fear age, why would I and am slowly mastering the art of taking good care of me…anyways I digress, I expected to leave the struggles and uncertainty of my twenties behind me and get ready to embrace approaching new decade as a more powerful and confident version of myself, prepping for my thirties.
I wasn’t exactly wrong… but I wasn’t exactly right.

I enjoy taking time around stereotypical life milestones to reflect on things leading up to that point, compare it with my expectations, and readjust as I move forward. As 30 is crepping up on me I hunger for that day to come and go, one to symbolize a new beginning, two just to see the feel of the 3rd floor and perhaps a chance to start fresh. You know the “we can start over on Monday” mindset when you mess up a diet. I almost need that with life, yet again.
I feel like 30 is the place me, babies, family, marriage, home…you know
As it turns out, I’d get that – just not in the way I expected.

Most of my twenties were incredibly amazing… times and decisions I wouldn’t trade for the world. I learned so much, grew so much, experienced so much. Not all experiences and growth were pleasant… many were painful and difficult. Each experience and decision led me to where I am today.

Today I’m sitting in my pool office(still pursuing the corner office dream), staring at an ocean of people, half of which I don’t like and the other half I have no idea that they exist.Its one of those funny days where I feel very uninspired and not challenged, I crave the salad at Muthaiga golf club and some sauna chill time, its really all I need this afternoon.

Wait a minute, is it just me or February is a little demonic? I always seem to find myself drowning every new February and its suddenly exhausting the energy out of me…anyways I needed an outlet today so I came to my quiet space.

Say a silent prayer for mama…she needs it and may God pass a healing hand on all the patients in this world.

Have a good day you all, mine is just there.